Retreat Programme 2017

Preached Retreat Programme

Each of these weekends begins with a meal at 6.30pm on Friday evening and ends on Sunday after lunch.
There will be at least four talks and the opportunity to join the resident Carmelite Community for Eucharist and Prayer.
There will also be time for personal prayer, reflection, reading and rest. We try to keep an atmosphere of silence in the house throughout these retreats.


June 2 - 4                   Pentecost
A prayerful and profound exploration of the mystery of this most fundamental of Christian feasts.
"The love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Spirit of God dwelling within us."

Fr Liam Finnerty OCD


June 16 - 18                Blessed Marie-Eugene Grialou OCD
Exploring the life, teaching and influence of this recently beatified Carmelite friar and founder of Notre Dame de Vie Institute.
"The more the saints are held captive by love, the nearer they are to us: for in divinizing them, charity causes them to enter the depths of sin, the great suffering of humanity. If it were otherwise, it would not be true that they are identified with Christ - their charity would not be Christian."

Monique Varenne NDV, Odile Rimbert NDV & Fr Matt Blake OCD


 July 14 - 16                 Our Lady of Mount Carmel
"She was greatly disturbed by his word and wondered what it might mean." (Lk 1:29)
In this retreat, we are going to explore, in the light of Our Lady's experience, how we discern and interpret the significant events of our lives.

Fr Thaddeus Ekuma OCD


September 29 - October 1       St Therese of Liesieux
"Truly I have set my soul in silence and peace. As a child has rest in its mother's arms, even so my soul." (Ps 130:2)
Spiritual childhood in St Therese and challenges of daily living.

Fr Thaddeus Ekuma OCD


October 13 - 15     Using Teresa's Book of Foundations and asking ourselves what are our foundations built on?
We will be looking at how St Teresa can help us to enhance and deepen our faith.    

Annette Goulden OCDS & Barbara Thacker OCDS


November 24 - 26       What do we mean by 'Carmelite Spirituality'?
We reflect on this great treasure the Holy Spirit has given to the Church. We draw inspiration from the lived experience and the many varied expressions of this wisdom.
"In the twenty-first century of division and strife Carmel must be a silent but dynamic witness that the Gospel is relevant; that God is not only alive, but that He is Life; that God is not only loving but that He is Love; and that this love is the hallmark of his followers." (Pope John Paul II)

Fr Matt Blake OCD


December 8 - 10      Advent Retreat - Feasting on the Spirit's Peace
"Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that shall be for all people. For unto you is born this day a saviour who is Christ the Lord and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Prince of Peace ...." (Isaiah 9:6)
This Prince of Peace can give us the gift of the wonderful peace that transcends all human understanding whether you are struggling with stress, raising children in our complex world, facing health issues, career/job challenges or life decisions. This Advent retreat will furnish the space that can allow you to experience that amazing gift of the true Peace that transforms lives. Learn new insights into how through Word and Sacrament, the divine promises can reassure, comfort and strengthen you in times of troubles and trials, making divine peace your daily experience.

Fr Alexander Ezechukwu OCD


December 15 - 17      St John of the Cross - Reflecting on John's poem and book Spiritual Canticle in the context of Advent and Christmas.
"The first thing a person desires to do after having come a long distance is to see and converse with a deeply loved one; similarly, the first thing the soul desires on coming to the vision of God is to know and enjoy the deep secrets and mysteries of the Incarnation and the ancient ways of God dependent on it."

Fr Matt Blake OCD


Individually Guided Retreats
During these retreats participants will meet with their director each day. There is also the opportunity to join the Carmelite Community for Eucharist and Prayer.
We try to keep an atmosphere of silence in the house during these retreats.

July 3 - 9   

August 7 - 13       

September 4 - 10

Directors include: Sue Pacey OCDS & Anne Donald OCDS

Directors include: Barbara Thacker OCDS & Janet Saywood

Directors include: Annette Goulden OCDS, Anne Donald OCDS, & Fr Paul King

In addition to the organised retreats people are very welcome to come to the priory for a private retreat when space is available.
Local people are welcome to attend our retreats on a non-residential basis but meals can only be provided for those who are resident.
We try to cater for vegetarian and diabetic diets but we are not in a position to cater for more complex special diets.

Suggested Offerings
All payments for retreats are by voluntary offering. No one should decline to come on retreat for financial reasons.
Those who give a little extra help to support those who cannot give the full amount. The following are our suggestions to cover our costs:

Weekends: £20;      Longer retreats: £40
Please make cheques payable to Carmelite Priory.
Please click here to book a retreat.
Carmelite Priory in Oxford, Chilswell, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5HB, phone: 01865 321 991

Day (24 hours with full board) £ 55
Weekend: - Single room £ 110
Weekend: - Twin room £ 90 per person

Deposits (non refundable)
Weekends: £20;      Longer retreats: £40
Please make cheques payable to Carmelite Priory.


Carmelite Days 2017

The Carmelite Days are days of reflection to share the core aspects of our Carmelite heritage. These days are held on Wednesdays, beginning at 10:30 am and finishing at 4:00 pm.
There will be a talk followed by prayers and time for recollection. Soup lunch will be provided. You may also wish to come for Morning Prayer at 9:05 am and Mass at 9:30 am.

February 22 St Teresa of Avila - a life of change, growth, conversion and total giving of self to God and others.
Led by Fr Matt Blake OCD
March 22  St Elizabeth of the Trinity - to be another humanity for Christ.
Led by Roderick Campbell-Guion OCDS
April 26  Call to spiritual adventure with St John of the Cross.
Led by Cyprian Blamires OCDS and Deborah Hawley OCDS
May 31 Pauline: the spiritual mother of St Therese of Lisieux.
Led by Sue Pacey OCDS
June 28 The Living Flame of Love: those who would give light must endure the burning.
Led by Gillian Coxhead.
August 2 The Pauline Inspiration of St. John of the Cross. Led by Fr Thaddeus Ekuma OCD
September 20 Sts Zelie and Louis Martin - brokenness and wholeness in married life.
Led by Annette Goulden OCDS
October 18 The Sacrament of Confession - a day to look at its meaning and relevance for the Christian today. We will look at the problems people have with confession and its link to spiritual and emotional health.
Led by Fr Liam Finnerty OCD

Carmelite Priory in Oxford, Chilswell, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5HB, phone: 01865 321 991

Click here to see a map of how to get to The Carmelite Priory, Oxford
Email: Retreat Enquiries
Telephone: 01865 321991 or 01865 735133

Time of arrival/departure:
You are free to arrive any time mid afternoon.
Retreats begin with supper at 6.30pm on the first evening and end after lunch at 1.00pm on the final day.
Guests are asked to vacate their rooms by mid morning.

Charity Number 207738