Carmelite Monastery

Ware Park,
Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0DT
Tel: 01920 462154 Fax: 01920 469106
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Ware Carmel was founded at Hatfield in 1925 by sisters from the Carmel of Notting Hill in London. In 1938 the community had to move to Hitchin as the site of the monastery in Hatfield, near a railway line and an aircraft factory, made it too dangerous in wartime conditions. In 1959 we had to move again, this time to Ware, as our house in Hitchin was found to be full of dry rot.
Our monastery in Hertfordshire is one of two Carmels in the Diocese of Westminster. We were founded from Notting Hill Carmel in 1925, one of the first communities to be established after the canonisation of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.
Our life in Carmel is one way of living the gospel; following Jesus through the radical self-gift of prayer, solitude and community. It is a life lived in the heart of the Church for the needs of the Church and the whole world.
This house is solidly built, beautiful in its very simplicity and situated in a wide stretch of Hertfordshire countryside. Choir, Chapel and Extern Quarters had to be built on and this was done largely through the alms of our families and the friends of Carmel from far and near. Today our monastery is complete and here we hope to stay.

We have a large garden to maintain, growing fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and we also keep bees. We earn our living by baking and selling altar breads but our main work, as for all Carmelites, is our prayer and ultimately this is what determines our lifestyle.
The community is made up of sisters of widely differing ages and backgrounds and their different skills and talents enrich our community life. Interests and abilities range from the practical needs of plumbing, carpentry and general maintenance, cooking, cleaning and decorating to computer skills, photography, embroidery and calligraphy. Music too has its place in our life, and our liturgy is greatly enhanced by the skills of our organists and musicians.
We are part of the Westminster Diocese and one of the main intentions of our foundation was prayer for the diocesan seminary at Allen Hall. In this way the traditional Carmelite purpose of praying for priests has a specific focus. However we feel very much part of the local Church and keep the needs of all the local community in our prayer. You too, who are reading this, are embraced in our concern and care before God.