Carmelite Monastery,

87 St. Charles Square, Notting Hill
London, W10 6EA
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The Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity was founded on 29th September 1878, from the first Carmel of Paris, Rue d'Enfer, France, which in turn was founded in 1604 by some of St Teresa’s closest collaborators.
The house was purpose-built, and provides an ideal environment of silence and solitude, conducive to a life of prayer. It stands in about 4 acres of grounds. The well-wooded garden is both pleasant and profitable, and the entire property is surrounded by a wall 7 metres high, which effects what it signifies: namely, the full Teresian enclosure separating us from all that is peripheral and trivial in the busy urban life all around us, yet enabling us to be an oasis of profound prayer right in the midst of this great city of London.
By way of fulfilling the monastic obligation to manual labour, the sisters make altar-breads, which provides a modest income, and also an appropriate contact with the priests and parishes throughout the Diocese.

Our Monastery has always been blessed with vocations. During the earlier decades of this century these were so plentiful that we were able to play a privileged part in the spread of the Carmelite Order in England, Scotland and Wales. Today we remain a vigorous community, with sisters from varied backgrounds and wide age-range.

A community marked by sincere love and mutual respect enriches the poverty, simplicity and detachment inherent in the Teresian Carmel. It nurtures a deep gratitude for our rich spiritual heritage, as well as a humble confidence in our place in the heart of the Church today.