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Avila Carmelite Centre, Bloomfield Ave, Morehampton Rd, Dublin 4.


Our charism is prayer, we cannot live without it.  We share this by promoting Carmelite Spirituality in various ways, reaching out & meeting people in our parishes, our centres of spirituality, through social media & our website.  
We hope you enjoy discovering more about our Order and about the many wonderful Carmelites who have risen to the rank of Saints due to their profound prayer lives & exceptional love of God. 
May we continue to learn from their example and come ever closer to our Lord.  All Saints of Carmel pray for us.

Fr Michael McGoldrick OCD - Provincial
Anglo Irish Province - Irish Region


The Chapter finished on Thursday 11 May with the election of the the new Provincial Council and the approval of various statements and resolutions.

Provincial Council elections & appointments 2017

St Teresa's, Clarendon Street
Prior: Fr James Noonan, OCD / First Councillor - Fr David Donnellan, OCD
Prior: Fr Micheal MacLaifeartaigh, OCD/ First Councillor - Fr Willie Moran, OCD
Prior: Fr Jeremiah Fitzpatrick, OCD / First Councillor - Fr John Grennan, OCD
Prior: Fr Vincent O'Hara, OCD / First Councillor - Br Noel O'Connor, OCD
Berkeley Rd
Prior: Fr Martin McDonald, OCD / First Councillor: Fr Patrick Beecher, OCD
Prior: Fr Christopher Clarke, OCD / First Councillor: Fr John Williamson, OCD
Boars Hill
Prior: Fr Liam Finnerty, OCD/ First Councillor: Fr Matt Blake, OCD
Gerrards Cross
Prior: Fr Michael Spain, OCD / First Councillor: Fr Robert Davies, OCD
The parish priests will be announced following contact with the relevant bishops.


Director of Postulancy/Director of Novices/Director of Students
Appointments will be made as necessary
Vocations Director - Ireland:
Fr Willie Moran, OCD
Vocations Director - UK:
Fr John McGowan, OCD
Provincial Bursar:
Br Noel O'Connor, OCD
Mission Procurator:
Fr Felix Okolo, OCD
Vice-Postulator of Causes:
Fr John McGowan, OCD
OCDS Provincial Delegate - Ireland:
Fr Vincent O'Hara, OCD
OCDS Provincial Delegate - UK:
Fr Matt Blake, OCD
OCDS Provincial Delegate - Scotland:
Fr James Noonan, OCD
Provincial Delegate for England:
Fr Matt Blake, OCD


English Regional Council:
Frs Robert Davies, OCD and Liam Finnerty, OCD
Editor of Mount Carmel:
Fr James McCaffrey, OCD
Editor of Ordo
Fr Cronan Glynn, OCD
Editors of Home Regions Newsletter:
Frs Edmond Smyth, OCD and Frank Gallagher, OCD



St Teresa's
Fr James Noonan, OCD (Prior), Fr David Donnellan (First Councillor), Fr Paul Sullivan, OCD, Fr Michael Browne, OCD, Fr Nicholas Madden, OCD, Fr Joe Glynn, OCD, Fr Tony Parsons, OCD, Fr Joseph Odiahi, OCD, Fr Stephen Quinn, OCD, Fr George Pulimalayil, OCD, Fr Hann Riberu, OCD.

Fr Micheal MacLaifeartaigh, OCD, (Prior) Fr Willie Moran, OCD (First Councillor), Fr Cronan Glynn, OCD, Fr Bernard Cuffe, OCD, Fr Ambrose McNamee, OCD, Fr Tom Shanahan, OCD.

Berkeley Road
Fr Martin McDonald, OCD (Prior), Fr Pat Beecher, OCD, (First Councillor), Fr Peter Cryan, OCD, Fr Richard Young, OCD, Fr Patrick Keenan, OCD, Fr Joseph Baru, OCD.

Fr Jerry Fitzpatrick, OCD (Prior), Fr John Grennan, OCD (First Councillor), Fr John McNamara, OCD.

Fr Vincent O'Hara, OCD (Prior), Br Noel O'Connor, OCD (First Councillor), Fr Stan Callanan, OCD, Fr Liam O'Breartuin, OCD, Fr Eugene McCaffrey, OCD, Fr Tom Stone, OCD, Fr Felix Okolo, OCD, Fr Joseph Vellanal, OCD.

Fr Christopher Clarke, OCD (Prior), Fr John Williamson (First Councillor) Fr Fabian McCormack, OCD, Fr John Williamson, OCD, Fr John McGowan, OCD, Fr Luke Dominic Onwe, OCD, Fr Paul Vincent, OCD, Fr Nathaniel Meravilloso, OCD.

Boars Hill
Fr Liam Finnerty, OCD (Prior), Fr Matt Blake, OCD (First Councillor), Fr James McCaffrey, OCD, Fr John Hughes, OCD, Fr Alexander Ezechukwu, OCD, Fr Thaddeus Ekuma, OCD.

Gerrards Cross
Fr Michael Spain, OCD (Prior), Fr Bob Davies, OCD (First Councillor), Fr Maurice Flynn, OCD.

Re-assignment of members of 53/55 Marlborough Road community will take place later this week.

New Provincial Council:   Jim Noonan, Vincent O'Hara,
Michael McGoldrick, John Grennan, Liam Finnerty.