Blessed Francisco Palau
Francisco's life came together when he understood the beauty of the Church. What had been a confusing oscillation from solitude to service and back to solitude again made sense for him when he recognised that all this held together in the whole Christ.
Francisco was born in 1811 near Barcelona. Towards the end of studies for the priesthood he joined the Discalced Carmelite Order, but was forced into exile in the south of France with the exclaustration of religious in Spain in 1835. He returned to an intense apostolate in Barcelona in 1851 - so successful that the authorities exiled him to Ibiza.
The toing and froing continued, and nurtured in Francisco that intense experience of the mystery of the Church which so anticipated the vision of the Second Vatican Council. Some of this vision is expressed in his writings. It is continued too in the Carmelite missionary sisters whom he founded. Francisco died on 20th March 1872.