Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified 'The Little Arab' 1846 - 1878
(Founder member and builder of the Carmel of Bethlehem 1875)
Mariam Bouardy came from Jesus' homeland. She was an uneducated Galilean peasant and from earliest childhood a multiplicity of charismatic gifts manifested themselves. Frequent ecstasies, the stigmata of the Lord's passion, miraculous vision and awareness of distant events have all been well attested by reliable witnesses and verified.
These extraordinary gifts only heightened Mariam's awareness of God as the great 'All' and her own 'nothingness'. She possessed an innate simplicity, the ability to use much imagery in language - a characteristic of Palestinians - and composed many poems, parables and inspired songs. She has been described as 'like a soul and a body assumed to dizzy heights.'